Quasi project

quas ilogoProject name: Qualitative Analysis of SELFIE (Quasi Project)

Description: Our team is collaborating with the GSIC-EMIC Team at University of Valladolid (Spain), the ELAN Team at the University of Twente (The Netherlands), and the EdMedia team at the Centre of Excellence (CYENS) at University of Cyprus (Cyprus) in Quasi project (Qualitative Analysis of SELFIE) (eTendering JRC/SVQ/2021/MVP/0074). SELFIE is a free, customisable tool to help schools reflect on how they use digital technologies to support learning. SELFIE enables schools to get a picture of where they stand and to develop an action plan in order to enhance their digital capacity. Find more about SELFIE at SELFIE portal. In this project, the IRML is in charge of developing the research design for the overall project, and conduct the qualitataive data analysis. 

The contract is sponsored by the Joint Research Center, the European Commission's science and knowledge service. The goals of the project are the following:

  • Understand the digital readiness of 15 schools from three different countries in Europe (Spain, Netherlands, and Cyprus).
  • Explore how SELFIE is used and perceived by its users in 15 different schools.
  • Identify and describe the impact SELFIE is having in 15 different schools in Europe.
  • Situate the impact of SELFIE in the more complex nexus of interrelated concepts like: digital readiness of schools, school management models, the changing landscape of technologies, theory of change in organizations, integration of innovation in education as well as the datafication of schools.
  • Provide a set of recommendations including at least aspects like the following: the improvement of the tool; support material; school actions (i.e. what theschool needs to do) and best practices; stakeholder

Participating IRML Team Members: Dr. Iván Jorrín-Abellán

Timeline: Spring 2021-Spring 2022

Budget: 100,000 euros