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IRML Team Members 

  • Ivan JorrinDr. Iván M. Jorrín Abellán is professor of educational research at Kennesaw State University (Ga) (USA).He worked for twelve years (2002-2014) for the Intelligent & Cooperative Systems/Education, Media, Informatics & Culture (GSIC/EMIC) Research Group at the University of Valladolid (Spain), where he obtained his PhD in Educational Technology. Within this transdisciplinary team formed by engineers, computer scientists and educators, he contributed to the development of a series of innovative technologies to support teachers in the complete life-cycle of collaborative learning environments. In 2009, after a Fulbright research stay at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he founded and later directed, the Transdisciplinary Center for Research in Education (CETIE-UVa), also at the University of Valladolid.In 2014 he started working at Kennesaw State University (Ga) where he has developed the Hopscotch Model (a theoretical model and a web tool to support the generation of research designs, especially in Education), and more recently, the Interactive Research Methods Lab. You can have a look at his CV in this link.

  • Olga KozDr. Olga Koz is an experienced Graduate Education Librarian at Kennesaw State University. She provides instruction, training, and research support for faculty and graduate students on topics including research synthesis, systematic and traditional literature review, literature searching and evaluation, research data, and citation management. She was assisting Dr. Ivan Jorrin Abellan in the selection of appropriate resources and creating tutorials that inform users of the HopScotch web tool. Olga holds a Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Emerging Media Management f and a Master’s of Library and Information Sciences (MLIS). She also earned the postgraduate diploma in Psychology from the Tver State University. You can find more information about Dr. Koz at the Faculty Website. You are welcome to schedule a consulting session with her using this app: LibCal

  • Rachel GainesDr. Rachel Gaines is Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at Kennesaw State University. She studies teacher stress, emotions, and perceptions of school climate. She is also interested in how pre-service teachers develop teacher identities in online learning environments. You can find more information at Dr. Gaines' Faculty Website.
  • ChangDr. Chang is Associate Professor of Applied Quantitative Research and Educational Analysis; Program Coordinator of Ed.D. in Secondary or Middle Grades Education. She teaches applied quantitative research courses for the Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs in the the Bagwell College of Education. Her research focuses on the sociocultural and emotional factors in shaping teacher motivation and student engagement. You can find more information at Dr. Chang's Faculty Website.
  • Jihye KimDr. Jihye Kim is an Assistant Professor of Educational Research at the Department of Secondary and Middle Grades Education at the Bagwell College of Education. Her expertise is research, measurement, and statistics. Dr. Kim teaches quantitative research methods courses for the Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs across the Bagwell College of Education since 2015. Her current research interest lies in evaluating survey instruments’ validity and reliability in order to provide an accurate identification of emotional and behavioral risk in middle and high school students. You can find more information at Dr. Kim’s Faculty Website.
  • Anete VasquezDr. Vasquez is Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction. She teaches courses in English/language arts and general education in the Department of Secondary & Middle Grades Education. Her research interests include all aspects of the clinical preparation of teachers, particularly in the area of preparing teacher candidates to work with diverse learners. You can find more information at Dr. Vasquez's Faculty Website.
  • Connie LaneMrs. Lane is the Grants & Special Projects Manager at the Bagwell College of Education. She assists faculty in obtaining grants to further their research, and leads media-driven special projects
  • LateefahDr. Lateefah Id-Deen is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education at the Kennesaw State University. She earned her doctorate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University, with foci in Mathematics Education and Urban Education. Her research examines marginalized students’ perspectives on their experiences in mathematics classrooms, and ways to support educators in hearing and developing practice in relation to students’ expressed interests. Further, she investigates instructional practices that promote student-teacher relationships, affirm mathematics identities and cultivate belongingness to support students’ learning experiences in mathematics classrooms. Her research and teaching reflect her passion for creating equitable learning environments for historically marginalized students in mathematics classrooms.
  • Megan AdamsDr. Megan Adams is an Associate Professor of Reading Education and Co-Director of the Academy for Language and Literacy at Kennesaw State University. Her research interests focus on qualitative inquiries into issues impacting marginalized communities, students, and teachers.
  • Casiana MayeCasiana Maye is the IRML's GRA. She is from Equatorial Guinea, and graduated from high school at IES Cardenal Cisneros in Alcala de Henares, Spain. Then, she graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor's degree in business administration in Finance. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Data Analytics at KSU as well.
  • Rachel Barlev
    Rachel Barlev graduated from Kennesaw State University with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is currently perusing her Master of Social Work degree at Kennesaw State University. She is passionate about helping vulnerable individuals through trauma related therapy.



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  • Keynotes:

    • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2020) "Desterrando modas-Aprendiendo a investigar: Dos herramientas tecnológicas para el fomento de la cultura investigadora en los maestros/as" (Banishing fashions-Learning to investigate: Two tools for the promotion of teacher's research culture.) I International Congress of Educational Psychology, Coruña (Spain), December. (check presentation)
    • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2017) "Building Hopscotch: A Model and a Webtool to develop qualitative research designs" (Construyendo Rayuela: Un modelo y herramienta web para el diseño de investigaciones cualitativas.) International Congress of Psychology, Health and Education, Oviedo (Spain), November. 
    • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2016) “Where Research Ideas and Inspiration Come from: Lessons Learned Through my Personal Journey in Academia.” Dean´s Speaker Series. Kennesaw State University, November. 

    International workshops

    • June 2019 - Visiting Universidad de la Coruña (Spain): During the first week of June we had the pleasure of delivering the workshop "Qualitative Research in Psychology and Education" (La Investigación Cualitativa en Psicología y Educación) at Universidad de la Coruña in Spain. We were invited by the doctoral program "Psychological Development, Learning and Health" (Desenvolvemento Psicolóxico, Aprendizaje e Saúde) and the GIPED Research Group.
    • November 2018 - Visiting Universidad del Rosario (Colombia): We had the chance of visiting Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), where we delivered the following sessions and workshops: 
      • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2018) Pasos y Componentes en la Construcción del Marco Conceptual de una Investigación. Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) (11/13/2018)
      • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2018) Donde Residen la Inspiración y las Buenas Ideas de Investigación: Lecciones aprendidas en mi viaje personal en la academia. Invited presentation at Universidad del Rosario (Colombia).  (11/14/2018)
      • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2018) Proceso de creación de cursos online en Kennesaw State University. Invited presentation at Universidad del Rosario (Colombia). 11/22/2018
      • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M. (2018) Rayuela: Un modelo y herramienta web para la generación de diseños de investigación. Universidad Konrad Lorenz (Colombia). Invited workshop at Universidad Konrad Lorenz. 11/20/2018

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