Atlanta’s Future in Tech think tank

AFITProject name: Atlanta’s Future in Tech think tank (AFIT)

Description: The Atlanta’s Future in Tech think tank (AFIT) was conceived as a result of the inaugural meeting of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Executive Roundtable which took place in the fall of 2022. The goal of AFIT is to identify strategies for the community of tech companies, and educational and civic institutions to work together to improve the economic and educational ecosystem in Atlanta.  The question driving the initiative is: Can Atlanta be a city with a robust tech-driven economy, and also be a city that is racial just and socially sustainable?

Participating IRML Team Members: Dr. Megan Adams; Dr. Sanjuana Rodríguez; Dr. Olga Koz, and; Dr. Iván Jorrín-Abellán 

Timeline: Spring 2023

Sponsor: Google