Literature Review Design: interactive learning and design tool

Lit-reviewProject name: Literature Review Design: interactive learning and design tool 

Description: This interactive tool assists students in designing a protocol for searching, analyzing, and synthesizing literature to build a visual representation of the conceptual framework emerging from critical readings, develop research topics and questions. It frames the process of reviewing literature as a research study and provides scaffolding during the learning and design process. It is part of Hopscotch (Jorrín-Abellán, 2016, 2019), a framework originally developed in 2014 with the aim of helping novice researchers in the development of research designs. There are two versions of the tool: 

The third version "Evidence Synthesis Design" is under development.

Research study: Developing a Literature Review Design tool to scaffold instruction and research process: a design and development study (pending IRB approval) 

Participating IRML Team Members: Drs. Iván Jorrín-Abellán and Olga Koz, GRA (pending funding approval). 

Timeline: 2022-2023 

Budget: Looking for funding