Boost Grant

Boost grantProject name: WRITE: Wellbeing-Reading-Inclusion-Trauma-Engagement: Boosting Literacy in Georgia

Description: Dr. Megan Adams, Associate Professor of Reading Education, Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Education, and Dr. Allison Garefino, Research Scholar, are Primary Investigators on a BOOST grant! 

The BOOST grant will support work in schools in Cobb County and Marietta City in fall and spring semesters and a summer program on KSU’s campus in the Academy for Language and Literacy. The first year the team was awarded $332, 449; this is a three year grant.

Participating IRML Team Members: Dr. Megan Adams (in collaboration with Drs. Sanjuana Rodriguez, and Allison Garefino.

Timeline:  Fall 2021-Fall 2024

Budget: $332,449 (first year)