The Interactive Research Methods Lab (IRML) offers an innovative space providing students, faculty  and the public with personalized instruction and practical experience of generating core qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research designs, using Augmented Reality  interactive contents (ARC). 

The IRML offers a physical interactive space located in room BEB 403 in the Bagwell College of Education, as well as this virtual interactive space. The physical space provides an itinerary organized around the nine steps of Hopscotch. Each step is placed on a customized decal on a dry-erase surface, where users can write down ideas and make decisions based on the information provided via original augmented reality contents. The IRML's  virtual space includes a 360° virtual tour that replicates the physical space (see below). Both spaces are intended to help users develop well-informed research designs.

If you are interested in using the virtual IRML, please check the information provided in the "Start Here" page. The interactive presentation below summarizes what the IRML is, and what we do.